By Double Rider

from White Plains, NY

About Me Audiophile


Great Little Unit for small rooms



  • Good Remote Control
  • Accurate Controls
  • Easy Setup
  • Great Sound Quality


  • Limited Functions


  • Smaller Rooms


I needed an audio solution for iPod, CD and radio listening and was not finding anything till I stumbled on this Yamaha unit. Glad I did! First, this is a basic unit that does only iPod, MP3, CD and FM radio playback. There are no other inputs. It only has two speakers out. It is not a surround unit, but it does have a dedicated sub woofer output, which is key. If you only need what it has, then this is a great unit. Since it is so simple, it is easy to set up. Attach the antenna, speakers and plug it in, and you are good to go. The first thing I noticed about this unit is how clean the audio sounds. Extremely low noise threshold. It is very hard to hear anything when this unit is on with no source material playing. It also is very clean and crisp sounding. Yamaha put real quality into this unit, it is not some cheap low end unit that produces bad sound. Yamaha quality shines through! The iPod dock is very well done. Turn on the unit, plug in the iPod (I tried a 5th gen 160gig Classic, and a 2nd gen iPod Touch, both worked!), it recognizes it, and then lets you play with the iPod controls directly, or via the remote control. Scrolling is a bit slow on the remote, but really due to the IR technology used in the remote and not the iPod interface itself. I use only Apple lossless, and it sounds great! I believe Yamaha is doing the D/A conversion in the receiver, rather than taking the analog feed from the iPod directly. I say this because when the unit is docked, the volume control on the iPod does nothing. Also, my iPod is a little hot on the high end, and I don't notice that with the Yamaha. It just sounds great! They have to do D/A for the MP3 input (which I have not tried yet), and the CD player, so it makes sense to use the onboard unit rather than the iPod D/A converter. I paired this unit up with an old pair of Cambridge Soundworks M50 speakers and a new Definitive Tech Prosub 60 subwoofer. I have the entire setup our kitchen, and the combination of the subwoofer and the speakers absolutely rock. The room shakes if you crank it up! I have found no problems with the 10 watts per channel for the speakers for normal listening, but I would probably not use this system for a large party at high volumes. I am extremely pleased with this unit, and if it matches your needs, go for it!

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