By Dirty Nick

from Chicago, IL

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Great follow-up to a great predecessor



  • Android OS - easy to use
  • Capacitive touchscreen
  • MicroSD memory slot


  • No bluetooth
  • Wi-fi sensitivity margina


  • Kids gaming
  • Movies e-reader
  • Better than Ipod touch


I'm as happy as can be with the first generation Skypad Alpha. This 2nd Generation device solves the achilies-heel of the 1st-gen by changing to a capacitive touch screen. However, I WISH they would've kept the bluetooth. My kids have bluetooth headsets and that was nice for watching movies with no wires. Also streaming audio via bluetooth is becoming a hot deal these days. Note that ALL tablets of this class do not have access to the full Android Market without user-intervention due to Google's strict device requirements. But there are great guides on [@] that can walk you through the process of deploying the Android Market on the Skypad Alpha devices. Once installed with an app called "RootThat", Android Market works beautifully.Watching movies on this is a breeze after loading them on your MicroSD card. I convert my DVD's to mp4 format using an Aimersoft product and the Skypad plays them from the microSD card flawlessly. There is a plethora of other DVD to mp4 video converters out there for less than $50 (including a free one called Videora)I also tested e-reading using the Kindle app and it works very very well (primarily because the Kindle app is very well written).The biggest PLUS for this device is the excellent technical support from a US-based company. I'm sure these are manufactured overseas like everything else, but the developers and the tech support are here on the mainland. And very responsive and supportive of the tablet-user community. When you call their tech support number, you get a US resident on the other end of the phone. That's a big plus these days.

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