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Sigma 15mm DG Diagonal Fisheye ROCKS



  • Durable
  • Sharp Focus
  • Strong Construction
  • Lightweight
  • Rugged
  • Consistent Output



  • Special Effects
  • Night Photography
  • Portraits


As a stock photographer, a fisheye lens is not normally very useful - but it is incredibly fun. I use mine on a Nikon D200, which is a DX format - meaning it shoots like a 22mm rectangular fisheye. I know a lot of people like the Nikon 10.5mm for their DX cameras, but if you are thinking about getting an FX format camera like the D700 or D3, then you would not regret this lens, which is much, much cheaper. This lens is needle sharp, with an incredible minimum short focus distance - like an inch from the lens. You can take some crazy portraits with this, lots of fun at a party or fun event. It is also ideal for low light, being a simple 15mm with a low of f2.8, you can pull off low light pictures like no one's business. It sucks light right in, allowing you to get by without a tripod. It's light and small, the lens hood being the only bulky part (when you take it off, where to put it?!?) You have to leave it in it's lens hood when not in use, the curved lens surface will easily get smudged or scratched. You can also easily fix the fisheye curve in Photoshop, and there are a few programs that do an even better job in de-fishing the image while reducing the corner distortion you get in Photoshop. If you can't afford a "normal" f2.8 wideangle such as the spectacular but terribly expensive Nikon 14-24mm f2.8, this one will certainly help fill that role on a budget.

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