By Phil

from Orlando, FL


BBHCM515A network Camera review



  • Versatile
  • Great Sound
  • Great Features
  • Great Picture Quality
  • Simple Controls




I bought the product to monitor a horse barn on my ranch and after replacing he GadSpot 1600 camera I'm glad I did.The camera is excellent to use. After setting up the free DNS (furnished by Panasonic) I am able to view my barn from anywhere in the world.I can also give limited access to my boarders to monitor their horses. (password protected up to 32 users)The Pan and Tilt is great and you can even mute the sound while it pans to eliminate the noise of the motor.The two way audio is awesome and we use it to communicate to people while they are in the barn.[...].One negative is the camera requires Active-X to support motion viewing. Although Panasonic claims you can access the camera via an IPOD, Cell Phone, etc. you can ONLY access still images and manually refresh. It requires a windows type machine to view motion.This means you can NOT view the camera using a PS3 over the Internet which I thought would be awesome since its connected to my 52" LCD TV but thats a "no go".If I had known that prior to purchase I probably would not have purchased the unit but Im glad I did now that I was able to compare to the GadSpot camera. I have it attached via. a couple of NanoStation 2s from Equibity. These are very cool radios with a multi mile line of sight range. I get a full 54MB of video. For $120 for the pair, you cant go wrong with these radios.I can watch VGA at 30 FPS and 1280 X 1024 at 15 FPS. Sound is perfect and very sensitive.I would recommend this product for anyone wanting to monitor a property or for security systems.

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