By Justin

from West Chester,PA

About Me Casual Cook

Cook better & use less power. Love it!



  • Easy To Clean
  • Heats Up Quickly
  • High-Powered Burners



  • Sauteing
  • Larger Kitchens
  • Heavy Usage


This is so much better than gas or ordinary electric. The temperature control is more precise than gas and more responsive to adjustments. It uses a lot less energy because induction is more efficient since the pan heats up only. I only had one concern which turned out to be no problem. I was afraid that if I put a metal object next to the induction element , like my wedding ring, it could induce a current and get hot.., GE already thought of this and does not let the coils activate unles it detects an appropriately sized pan on the surface. Do not be afraid to buy this oven it is so good. I also love the convection oven. It makes great pizza and pitta chips. This induction is also very safe because it never gets the surface hot. I am not worried about my child accidentally touching a hot surface. I honestly can not figure out why this technology has not caught on sooner. If you are reading this wondering if you should get an induction oven, just get it! You have to have pans that are ferris like stainless steel or iron for the induction part, but most people have those pans anyway. I highly recommend this oven from GE.

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