By DIY Bob

from Tampa, FL

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Excellent dishwasher



  • Attractive Design
  • Quiet
  • Cleans Well


  • Long Cycle


  • Larger Kitchens
  • General Purpose
  • Delicate Items


Installation: - Materials you need to buy yourself for installation: * water supply line and elbow connector for water. These typically come in a dishwasher installation kit at your hardware store in lengths of 5 and 8 ft. I needed to connect over 10 ft, so I bought both the 5 and 8 ft and connected them with a copper 3/8 inch compression type connector. Sets cost about $12-14. Connector was another $6. * Thread seal tape to make all connections water tight. * Strain relief (1/2 inch) for the electrical connection (less than $1). There is no need for an electrical cord if you have a supply line already present at the location of the dishwasher (I replaced a defective dishwasher). - Make sure to have 2-3 feet of 'slack' in the connections. All connections are made with the dishwasher placed in front of the actual installation location. After that the dishwasher is pushed into place. - To avoid the water supply line and the drain pipe to get squashed underneath or on the side of the dishwasher when pushing it in, I taped the hoses to the side of the cabinet (drain) and the back of the dishwasher (water supply line). - Overall the installation took me about 4 hours, but it could probably have been done in less time. I needed to go to the hardware store several times for the right parts. Leveling the dishwasher is essential to make it fit nicely in the built-in space and for proper operation. Turning the front feet was cumbersome due to the lack of space and weight of the dishwasher. Operation: I have used the dishwasher for almost a month now with daily cycles. As recommended, I am using the Auto program with the Sanitize option. Observations: - Most items are nice and dry, except for the plastics, but that is not really a surprise. - I am very impressed with how clean dishes, cups and flatware get. We do remove food and grease from plates using paper towels prior to loading, but we do not rinse (as I understand some people do). - I first used the few Finish detergent tablets that were supplied with the diswasher. In the mean time we switched back to the Cascade ActionPacs. We do not see any difference in cleaning power. We prefer the ActionPacs since you do not have to unwrap them (packaging dissolves) and they are generally available at a lower price than the Finish tablets. We are using the Finish Jet-Dry rinse agent. - The dishwasher is pretty quiet, but nothing revolutionary. You can clearly hear the machine running. The red LED floor lighting is useful only for the drying phase, since at that point you hear nothing anymore. The light shows you that the program is not finished yet, since you cannot see any of the buttons and lights on the operating panel. - The dishwasher beeps five times at the end of the cycle, but I switched that off immediately, since we most often run the dishwasher at night. Good that they made that configurable. - The top rack is adjustable, which means that you can place it about an inch higher. In that high position…

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