By Queen of Leftovers

from Milford, CT

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Tickled with the product



  • Compact
  • Attractive Design
  • Quality Construction
  • Easy To Use


  • Cleaning


  • Small Kitchens
  • Entertaining


I ordered this gas cooktop when switching from electric to gas cooking. It is wonderful because the burners range from quite low power to top power! I chose this product because the burner knobs did not require me (a short person) to reach across the counter to turn them on or off. The burner knobs were all together right up front in the middle of the cooktop. My surprise was that the burners turn quickly on high at the 1st part of the knob turn, not like my barbeque or Kenmore stove in a different location which goes through letting gas out a little as one turns the knob through the low to high setting. I mentioned cleaning because with electric I did not have to lift anything to clean but with gas one lifts the metal that the pots sit upon to clean.

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