By Neil

from Los Angeles

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Awesome product, with very minor caveats



  • High Powered Burners
  • Easy to Clean
  • Precise Controls


  • Messy


  • Woks
  • Sauteing
  • Searing


I did quite a bit of research before settling on the BlueStar cooktop. The best feature is two burners with 22k BTU. Water boils within a couple of minutes, I get an awesome sear on a steak before putting it in the oven, and I can actually use my wok as it was intended. It's why I bought it, and it's why I love it. It's a very easy unit to clean, with easy access to everything inside, but just an FYI: it is messier than a closed-burner cooktop. I think it's worth it, but not everyone may. A couple of minor caveats: the low setting on the "simmer" burner is still too hot. Water will still boil on the low setting, unless I turn the knob the other way to almost off, and then I can keep a good low simmer. Also, the cast iron burner grates have small prongs to fit into holes in the top of the unit, but, when putting them back on after cleaning, you have to be very careful when hunting for the holes or the top will scratch. It would have been better if they had stamped the top with small divots or divots with holes in them, so that the grates could more easily be placed without having to move them around on a flat surface. A minor design flaw, but one that can affect the aesthetics of the unit if you're not very careful. Lastly, mine came with a wok ring, but the ring is poorly made for how expensive it is (when purchased separately). It's basically a strip of cut sheet metal that's been curved, spot welded, and stamped to fit the burner grates, which I could do myself for a couple of bucks. Also, the top part of the ring that touches the wok isn't rounded at all (it's a piece of cut metal), so the sharp edges scrape the bottom of the wok, which is both destructive to the wok, and very noisy. Just a really bad design, and far too expensive for what you get. They should make a cast-iron wok ring that sits in place of one of the grates. Other than that, I love this cooktop.

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